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Thursday, 10 November 2011

TouchSquid explains Can a Squid Change your Life?

Grahame Shannon explains how the TouchSquid remote control tablet concept was conceived. Using touchscreen technology, TouchSquid universal tv remote control tablet has a built-in IR blaster allowing it to control other devices through Wi-Fi. It incorporates less crowded, more dynamic and fluid user interfaces for virtual buttons; and in-remote virtual keyboards for simultaneous text input onto the screen.

The TouchSquid TV remote control tablet supports one-touch activity based control, which allows control of multiple devices at once. For example, a home theater setup might include a TV, a digital set top box and a home theater sound system. Pressing the 'Watch TV' activity button on the remote will turn on the TV, turn on digital set top box, turn on the sound system, switch the input of TV to the digital set top box and switch the input of the sound system to the set top box. In addition, the volume buttons would be mapped to the sound system, the channel buttons would be mapped to the digital set to box, and other controls to the most appropriate system component for the activity.

Above is a video that explains what the TouchSquid univeral tv remote control tablet does in non-technie words.

For those who already own a tablet, A TouchSquid universal tv remote control app is available on Android market access, Amazon android market, and the android app mall. This app will turn your android phone or other android tablet such as the Amazon Kindle Fire, Motorola Zoom, Samsung Galaxy into a TV remote control tablet. As these tablets do not have an IR blaster, they will need a Global Cache wifi to ir transmitter device.

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