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Monday, 26 November 2012

Touchsquid Interview with London Drugs

Touchsquid was featured in London Drugs Spotlight Audio Video Systems for the month of November and here is the short presentation/interview. This was completely extemporaneous, no rehearsals.  There were two takes, and lots of cutting to make this video short and sweet.

We are satisfied with the video result. We thought James could have smiled a little more, but he had a lot on his mind and I think he's done a good job explaining what Touchsquid can do in a few sentences.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Touchsquid Clients Around the World

A look at the world map pinboard at Touchsquid's office show our clients all around the world.  While majority of Touchsquid products are sold in USA and Canada, we are gaining followers in East and Western Europe, South America, South Africa, Australasia, and Southeast Asia.  Today, Touchsquid is in use in 35 countries including Denmark, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, U.K., France, Switzerland, South Africa, Sweden, Costa Rica, Thailand, Finland, Brazil, Romania, Netherland, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Peru, Hongkong, Bolivia, Myanmar, Portugal, Venezuela, Norway, Belgiuum, Israel, Angola, Singapore.....

Touchsquid has grown to become an app developer as it continues to dream up new products.  Every addition of a new customer location gives the development team an adrenalin hit as they continue to add a red pin on its world map pinboard.  Our thanks to supporters all around the globe. You are the inspiration for us to keep improving our products and services. Check out Touchsquid apps on Google Play.