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Monday, 28 November 2011

TouchSquid Announces IR Code Capture Android App for Global Cache

November 28, 2011 TouchSquid is pleased to announce the availability of an IR Code Code App for Android smart devices for use with Global Cache Itach products and TouchSquid Remote Control App.

The TouchSquid IR Code Capture App allows the capture of IR codes that control infrared driven equipment. When used in conjunction with Global Cache Itach Products, the learned code is displayed and converted into TouchSquid file formats. These learned codes can then be used as input into the android device. The stored codes can be used to control and automate any device that accepts infrared control signals, using the TouchSquid Remote Control App.

This IR Code Capture App opens up the possibility of controlling other devices that accept infrared control signals, such as light switches, blinds, lighting, thermostat controls, to name a few. Since the TouchSquid remote app allows creating custom buttons in each activity, there is virtually no limit on the devices which might be controlled. The app will be on the Android Market and other markets beginning December 5.

According to Grahame Shannon, founder of TouchSquid Technology "Our new code capture utility will make it possible for the TouchSquid remote app to control anything with an infrared remote. Our client's asked for it, and we developed it in record time".


  1. Hmm... This is a great addition to any home. Truly, IR signals have a lot of uses, especially in making everyday tasks a lot easier and more convenient.

    -George Melcher

  2. One of the best product . I am using this from many years.
    UK Euro AV