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Friday, 30 December 2011

Watch Netflix movies on TouchSquid tablet

Here is the link to the new Netflix Version 1.6.0 that solves many of the previous Netflix problems on Android tablets.

One of the nice features of TouchSquid is the ability to watch Netflix streaming movies, which is increasingly becoming a favorite pasttime. For one flat fee of $7.99 per month, Netflix subscribers have access to a big selection of movies, TV series from USA,UK as well as foreign movies and shows.

The TouchSquid tablet has a convenient portable size which makes viewing a pleasant experience. Just put on your earphone, find a relaxing chair or bed, and you can have hours of entertainment without breaking the bank. If you missed out on the many good TV series in the past, now is your chance to watch your favorite shows or movies at your own leisure without being interrupted by commercials.

Note: A strong internet signal and wifi connection is key to a good Netflix experience.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

TouchSquid Now Shipping all across North America

December 20, 2011 8:00 pm Pacific Time. We are happy to announce TouchSquid is now shipping all across North America and Europe. We are working all night. All orders will be going out tomorrow.

Cathay Pacific delivered TouchSquid tablets to YVR airport

December 20.2011  11:00 am Pacific Time.  Like the immediate family in the maternity ward waiting room, all early squid adopters experience the drama and waiting in anticipation of the new production units.  The Production Department did their part, and the first few units immediately went to the Testing Lab for the FCC, IC and CE approval process.  TouchSquid passed all tests and we now have the complete compliance test results.  We had anticipated the cargo to be loaded on to the plane last week, but customs clearance in China, and transport to airport took longer  than planned.  Early Squid Adopters will be pleased to know that Cathay Pacific Flight where the Squid tablets are boarding has arrived on time at YVR airport as of 10:00 am Pacific Standard time.  

Pending clearance at Canadian Customs, Squid tablets should be appearing at households across North America, under the Christmas tree.