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Monday, 16 April 2012

UK Touchsquid Fan delighted with Bonus Features

Here is a letter we recently received from J. Moody in Surrey, U.K.

"I just want you to know that my Touchsquid is set up for watch tv and is working perfect, I have used the Icons that came in the remote and they look great!
All the new sky codes work well, only the power toggle was inconsistent but boosting it to "5 repeats" fixed that.

I never knew your icon database was so good, that's a real bonus, my only request is to have some more Sky Icons if possible like sky1 sky atlantic sky arts etc.
Once the new sky codes were downloaded setting everything up was remarkably easy, even for someone with very limited IT skills like me.

I never really thought about owning a pad before, I don't surf the web or check Facebook constantly like my nephews and nieces do, so I was shocked to find myself actually using it to browse while in my living room watching TV! An example was the movie 1911 revolution, I had seen this movie in a local store, when I went back I could not find it or remember its name but i did know Jackie Chan was in it, I googled Jackie then within seconds had its name and was watching the movie trailer, then on too amazon to order it, Brilliant!

I can't set up my watch big screen tv or watch movie activities yet as I'm waiting for my projector to be repaired, once I have it back I'll begin, my only concern will be the projector off command as I know it needs 2 commands with a space between them, I'll ask for advice with that once I get the projector back from repair.

Once again thanks for a great product with great customer service, I wish you all well and I am sure once your product becomes better known it will be a great success.

Please feel free to use all or any part of this e-mail in your promotion work and feel free to use my name as a satisfied customer, I'll tell every AV enthusiast I know about Touchsquid."

Editorial note:  Touchsquid is primarily a universal remote control tablet computer and bonus features like surfing the net, and checking email, and customizable icon database and library are always surprisingly delightful.