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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Early Squid Adopters eagerly await TouchSquid airshipment

Excitement is building as we all await the arrival of the new TouchSquid tablets. We thank you for your trust and support during this market pre-launch. Early Squid adopters come from all around the world, as far as Belgium, Germany, Slovenia, England.... In the USA, we have adopters from Illinois, Texas, Florida, Washington, New York, Minnesota, Colorado... In Canada we have adopters from Alberta, BC... in Kamloops, Port Moody, North Vancouver, Duncan, Langley.... Your support meant a lot for us.

Since the first prototype arrived, we have been working very hard to get the production version built. Today, we received the final prototype version complete with packaging box, and the accompanying accessories.

If you live in Canada and the USA, your Squid tablets will likely arrive before Christmas. For our European early Squid adopters, your Squid tablets will likely arrive before the New Year.

We will keep you posted with more news and app reviews during the next few days as we gear up for the arrival date.  We will soon begin to set up dealers and distributors both locally and internationally.

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