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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Touchsquid announces Theme and Skin Design Contest

The Touchsquid™ Design Awards were initiated to encourage our users to share their unique and creative ways of customizing their Touchsquid™ Screen Skins. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of screen skin and theme templates available online that can be used by Touchsquid remote app users.

Official Contest Rules
When submitting artwork for contest consideration, you agree to abide by the following rules.

1. Eligibility. No Purchase Necessary To Enter or To Win  You do not have to actually purchase a Touchsquid™ product in order to design a skin or theme for it. Contestants can download the free Touchsquid demo app and use our sample templates as a guide.

2. Void Where Prohibited by Law.  Any disputes arising under the terms and conditions of this contest will be governed by the law of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

3. Age Requirement.  All contestants MUST be age 16 or over at time of entry.

Contest Entry Guidelines

1.  No Copyright Infringement.  All work must be released for individual usage or purpose usage grants. All entries must contain copyright-free art or art released for entrant’s and public use. No unauthorized use of any copyright images, text, or other material will be accepted.

2. All Entries Must be Submitted Online.  You must register for the contest to submit an entry. If you are under the age of 18, your parent of legal guardian must register for the contest to submit an entry.

3. Entries must be submitted via email to tina at
File types and sizes (dimensions listed below in pixels)
Contest entries must be submitted in either .PNG format, have dimensions as listed below for the type of product under which you are submitting artwork, and a file size not exceeding 2MB (2048 KB).
Touchsquid™ portrait  Screen Skin     1080 width x 1920 length pixels
Touchsquid™ landscape Screen Skin  1920 width x 1080 length pixels

4.  Designing for Touchsquid™ Skin/Theme
An entry will include the basic skin/theme and the associated button icons.

5.  No limit to entries
There is no limit to how many entries each contestant can submit.

6. Technical Difficulties/Support
Touchsquid™ cannot be responsible for entries not received due to technical issues and accepts no responsibility for technical support of any entries.

Guidelines & Judging Criteria

This section describes general guidelines for what our judges are looking for when deciding to approve your artwork and its award merits. Before submitting your entry for consideration, please understand the following guidelines.
1.  Appropriate Content.  Content should be appropriate for public use.
2.   The content/design should be unique and interesting to a wide audience of Touchsquid™ users.
3.   Touchsquid™ Brand.  The design should incorporate the Touchsquid™ logo.
4.  The design should embrace the Touchsquid™ brand promise.
5.  Overall Design. The layout should be interesting and functional.

There is just one category,  with backgrounds for both portrait and landscape mode.

Other considerations
Saving Files
Files must meet the dimensions and file size to fit the product type you are designing for. (Once approved, your artwork will be available to download. When saving your design, find a happy medium between quality and file size/dimensions for submission.

General Conditions
1. Authorize Rights to Touchsquid™.   By submitting your artwork you authorize Touchsquid™ to post your entry on our site indefinitely, and grant Touchsquid™ the right to use and display prints of your design for marketing purposes.

2. Touchsquid™ Reserves the Sole Right to Determine Eligibility
Each entry will go through an approval process to determine if the artwork meets our criteria before the entry will be available for judging in its category.

3. Touchsquid™ Reserves the Sole Right to Adjust Contest Rules Without Notifying Contestants

4. Based on the volume of entries or legal requirements, contest rules can be changed and updated without notice. Contest participants are responsible for checking the site for changes, and should review the rules prior to each submission.

5. Touchsquid™ is not responsible for damage to computer equipment during downloads

6. Touchsquid™ will make every reasonable attempt to approve only artwork we deem safe for our users to download. However, Touchsquid™ accepts no responsibility for any damage to contestant or visitor computer equipment that may result from system malfunction or corrupted/infected files. Scanning any file prior to download with a virus protection program is recommended.

Contest Deadline:  June 30, 2013
Three winners will be selected. Each will receive one Touchsquid Tablet complete with charging cradle and adapter. You will also receive a feature page in the Touchsquid website announcing your win, and with space for a brief biography and photo, with Facebook link.

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