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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Touchsquid announces release of remote app for Sony

We are pleased to announce that we have now released Touchsquid remote app for SONY. Sony makes several tablets and phones with built in IR. Now the top rated Android Remote App, TouchSquid is available to work with Sony devices.

Sony Tablet S tablet
Sony Xperia S tablet
Sony Xperia Z tablet
Sony Xperia ZL phone

The Sony has a built in device database, and learning capabilities. The Touchsquid app uses that to control the same devices as the Sony app.

* Unlimited Individual room profiles allow you to use your Sony in many different locations.
* Up to 10 devices in a profile
* Activity based, control several devices from a single unified remote screen
* 41 Favorites screens with up to 24 favorite channels with icons per page.
* Favorites can be Channels, commands, or websites.
* User define Macros and custom buttons
* Built in web browser allows checking program guides and iMDB without leaving the remote app.
* Can control devices in another room or hidden from sight using an external blaster by Global Cache, Keene or IRTrans.

Many more features.

Check Touchsquid's app  reviews on the Samsung version!

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