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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Free listing service for home theater equipment

Buy, Sell, Recycle, Barter your Home Theater Gear. Touchsquid Support Forum announces a free listing service for home theater enthusiasts to swap, exchange, buy, sell or recycle their home theater gear.

We are excited to inaugurate a new service for our members. We now have a large group of home theater enthusiasts accessing our site on a regular basis. Many of you are bound to have good used equipment that you no longer need.  Or you may have a family room, rec room or that extra guest room that could use some additional home theater equipment.

A category "Home Theater Gear For Sale" is now set-up at Touchsquid users forum featuring Free listings of Home Theater equipment for sale. Recycle your used amplifiers, speakers, projectors and TVs in the most effective manner possible -- sell them! Listings are 100% free.

You can answer ads in the forum or send a private message (PM).

 To place an ad: Select the type of device, then start a new thread with the Type, Brand and Model number of the device you have for sale. Please mention a price and location in your ad. Use photos if you can.

To answer an ad: Answer in the forum to ask questions about the item, I suggest using a Private message to make an offer or arrange a sale.

Sellers please post a message when the item is sold.

Dealers and professionals: OK to use for individual used items. Exploitive advertising will be deleted.

Please help us get this going by advertising your surplus items!

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