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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Icon Harmony creates TouchSquid channel icons

Randall C [aka squareeyes] is the author and graphics designer of the Icon Harmony website, where he posts his creation of over 14,700 television channel icons from over 50 countries.

The razor sharp images that he produce reflects foremost the passion and efforts that went into the creation of these beautiful icon graphics, colorful, juicy and bursting with colors.

All the icons are available for download free of charge. He accepts donations to cover web hosting and coffee. A true labor of love.

Due to the rising popularity of TouchSquid, Randall has started creating icons for TouchSquid users. These icons are three dimensional according to the size and specs that will work with TouchSquid apps. It is not yet completed, but for those who would like to take a peep, here is the link.

TouchSquid Station Icons

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