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Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Squid gets a Logo

The basic concept of the Touchsquid had become a Tablet computer with the capabilities of a Universal remote control built in. We needed a memorable logo. The first attempt was this:
This was reasonably well liked by our test group, but nobody was jumping up and down with enthusiasm.

A second attempt was my effort using a 3D solid modeling approach:
This was not liked, one observer remarked that it looked like it was designed by an Engineer.

Then I had a flash that you don't need to represent a Squid, just suggest one, and I had the idea of just showing the eye of the squid along with a couple of lines to suggest the body.
Everybody likes this one, so it was adopted.  I have oversimplified the process, there were many other logos which were sketched in pencil, rejected, and never rendered as these three were.

 It is my opinion that a great product needs a memorable brand and logo, and I think we have that. Some memorable brands have even come to represent the entire class of product.  In the UK vacuum cleaning is called hoovering.  It is our plan the someday Touchsquid or just a Squid will come to represent a touch screen remote control. As in "Have you got your Squid yet?".

More on the evolution of the product in the next post.

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